Thursday, 17 June 2010

assignments kills everything

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my blog...can be considered dead shit again?
yes it is dead shit...I'm getting so lazy each on every day
maybe its because ever since mom and dad went for holiday
its freedom hell much? yes I guess...or maybe not...
anywhere I can answer for myself...YES! I've been slacking off!!

last week..I promised myself to borrow as much books
as I can...cause I been bored out in subang...well
staying at my eldest bro house at the moment....till my parents come back
I miss PJ life and my nightlife hangout with my friends and everyone
staying at Subang is completely like a jailed....but at the same time
going to college its fast,but getting a bus to Sunway Pyramid...
oh my gosh! have to wake up so early and wait for the bus

this week...and last day stay in my bro house
parents are finally coming back tomorrow!!! yay!!
but I'm not sure though what time they'll be back
anyway assignments kills!!! and yes it does!
at first I feel like just skipped off those essays!
but who knows those assignments keep coming in

anyway...I noe its football season...
and I care for football because I love football and if I don't
my four brother will call me a weirdo or so whatever
but monday already I watched football until I end up playing Ipad and Iphone
Kam Mun my eldest bro friend came over and watched football
he's got Iphone 3GS too!!! Oh my gosh laaa...stop making me jealous!!
and I even so wanna have a Ipad!!! getting selfish right now

once dad come back! I'm gonna start begging on my Iphone
and also blackberry bold!! not to macbook pro
sobs sobs!!! when will I ever get it?! when? when? when?
forgive me for slacking off like shit cow disease......tonight
ya I'm gonna force myself to read the books that I've borrowed
no time to kill my freedomness and time to sucked up those assignments

oh well,still at college.....very free to facebooking
and doing assignments....and blogging and chating
time to go back subang....and again...sigh.....

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