Friday, 24 September 2010

I got what I want and I want more (:

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Finally on 22September
I have officially bought my blackberry curve
and its in white in colour (:

It cost me like RM1066.00
and I havent buy a memory card and some few rubber cover coloured
but nvm sooner and later I will pampered my blackberry like a precious baby (:

After September will be changing to postpaid soon
thought that after buying the blackberry than I can straight use the bbm
and who knows I need a line -_____-

Next week he'll be starting work again
which makes my heart feel lame and sored out
but I dont care right now much bout him cause Im falling for another dude
right now just need to wait for him to finish his SPM trials patiently (:

And as for another hell of bets with my friends
I keep betting with them and crossed m finger
he WONT SMS or even asked me out after his Trials
but most of my girlfriends keep saying for sure he will
oh well let my BETS begin (: winner and lossing
Im not afraid at all (:

Iphone 4 is out! Oh meee gosh
dying hard to get it! but not from maxis please
it'll be from Digi since its already launch at Digi already yesterday
Blackberry for me its not enough,Iphone4
both doess sounds fullfilling to me :D

Thats all for now
time to wait for my mr guy to finish exams
toodles (:

Saturday, 11 September 2010

I wont give a damn what people say

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Sigh Im damn fucking pissed off
thats what much I can say alright
I wanna scream and yell but I cant
promised myself and not just for him that I'll be happy
if not when upset he'll have to suffer for me too ):
sorry honey bee i know you are my friend but......*speechless*

First and for all to my one of the most rude girl
you are this year same age with me 20years old
but hell look at you and it was a real shame being your friend
honestly speaking I dont know why would we be THAT CLOSE in the first?
maybe its because I was desperate much for another best friend?
when all my others gangs and close one are at over seas?

Ever since after the fight and arguement for some small matter
you start calling me a bitch and a slut just because Im from private school
and you start calling me names and came insult in my fb post when I bitched bout ppl
so what thats gonna do with you?its not your business bitch! its mine business
nobody asked you to masuk and campur tangan tao tak?

And secondly I did not act like a bitch at your party
if you think Im acting like one,so what are you preety much jealous now? (:
Lemme tell you Im not afraid to admit that I been used to or what
I dont neeed you to judge or to tell me if Im a bitch
because you dont treat me nice as a normal friend so whats the point?

Secondly Im sooooooooooooo confused and upset a bit
why cant everyone gimme a peacefull moment to like and love for a guy?
dear bro I know I have to get to know this malay dude
hes awesome,fun and friendly and a good listener kkay?
you dont anything soooooo say NO SHIT OR JUDGE A PERSON
I sincerely hate that when you all start gossiping
come on you all are grown ups and so are me
Im not your trully Lil Princess anymore kkay?

my four brotheres and oh please
respect me for now and forever
what ever stuff I wanna do or so
I dont need to consult you guys or any advice from any of you
you guys are uselesss and oh wellll,i cant believe im bitching bout you all

thirdly to all my friends
respect me for who I wanna be with and so on
if you cant respect me for the guy that I wanna be with
its your problem and its not mine,make things worse?
you get it from me straight from my face

Last and for all
call me a Bitch? or Misjudge me?
I TRULLY and EVER wont give a damn bout it!
cause you aint know me well,so say no shit.

Friday, 10 September 2010

learn to be happy not be sad, lesson learned

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now I have learned my mistakes and know I've just realized
being UNHAPPY and CRYING doesnt make he/she feel good
believed me crying will only make you feel the pain most of the time
and so those being unhappy most of the time

Get straight to it,whats the point for being unhappy?
or being jealous of what you dont have or so?
well now I realized being jealous of my 5 other friends is completley waste of time
why say so? I do envy them for being preety and all those
I always wished Im one part of them being crazy,preety,fun and everything
but now I found my own key of happyness thanks to a guest whom I met

You see people on monday i was really about to blow up
but I manage to serve everybody with a smile (:
with no troubles at all,I wonder if i blowed up in front of my staff
I would probably scare away all my guest and make a fool of myself

a big thanks to Mr Fawwaz
well hes my junior 3years younger me and I never expect he'll make a gud listener
well hes been manage to cheer me up for 2days,Im emo well because of work
and now I feel a lot better and I know for one thing Jealousy is bad for health

and I would like to make a word out there
I may be a unique and diffrent type of eurasian girl you people have met
but mind your bloody mouths and bad mouth rumoring
Im not perfect in anyway and I dont give a damn of what you think and what you say
If you guys are here at earth just to bring me down or give me a bitchy face?
sorry people,I dont give a damn bout it anymore

This is me and this how Im gonna survife and live on
I dont care how much bad mouth and bad rumor bout me
I assumed you are just wasting your breath of time
To Live,Laugh and cherish all my lucky moments,Im not regretfull for this
I've made the right choice to be happy again and say no shit

You make me feel like I wanna hate you
thats just me,cus once you start bad mouthing you are goin down
so Im just gonna start with a smile to laugh a
way of it (:

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hate my life,wish I was dead

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I really sincerely hate my life a lot
I would never find a damn happyness ever in my life
even though I've found a job at 1u Italianies so what?!
everyday also been through this shit and hell from my mom

My pay cheque is my money so say no shit
What i wanna use or spend or whatever hell of it is
its not your problem to care or whatever hell of it
Which guy I should be with or which friend I should mix with
please dont make decision for me,cus it depends on me and the guy

Now I dont completely feel like a 21year old adul
I have to go through every hell of it
its pain and deep inside in my heart and its bleeding
my own mom always treat me like that since i was young
I really cant communicate with my own mom very well

I dont wanna blog bout it
makes me feel like wanna die right now
keeps makes rules for it
and never ever treat me nice at all
I meant it and I know it

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

let the games begin

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Kept my promise to myself and cross my finger
that everything is going to be alright when thursday come
and yeap finally Thursday is here and its just the beginning

Crossed my finger very very tight right now
as I say and I repeat it over and over again
knocking on my door for you lover bo
wont stop continue to love you and missing you
but I wouldnt shed any tears or stay upset

Stay strong and be positive
Be a wild and a sexy one ladylike like how I used to be
Sociable will always be in my blood personality,wanna get jealous?
feel free lover boy,because I aint care (:

Being Random at all times?
Its fun to be random if you used your brain to think some clever games
not some stupidity games or activity just to have be crazy
its insane and childish much

Respect for other people its always a must
If you create the mess you should be responsible for it
Not me being too innocent for it

Anyway Im tired of scolding you
I still care and have feelings for you
hoped you will realize by yourself and please think before you do
and before you hurt people.

say no shit before anyone judge me

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Dear my beloved friends and reader
first and for all I have stopped blogging since 19th July
I have just started work since then met a lot of friends
and at the same time theres enough and enough of one guy

Let me get this very very straightfoward and all
first off Im this year 21year old and who the fuck u say Im childish?!
mind your business please boy,i been pleading guilty for 2 weeks
trying to stay calm and not to bitch about you till yesterday I had enough!

and please tell me everyone and please
who the hell of anybody....even a he/she who just break off with ther gf/bf
especially one month ago would go start hunting for a new one that fast?
and even rushed out everything and so fast just to get that dude or hot chick?
treated he/she nice for 2 weeks,need time to be think over and about it?
I trully understand what the hell you are telling me
gave you weeks and end up jump into conclusion say we'll might not work out
stay as friends and whats next? u didnt even bother to care to explain

YOU PROMISED you'll continue to be nice to me and everything
what happen to the following day? you completely stop sms me
and dont even want to talk to me ever since
what else more u gave me the cold look and the sad face

and this week whats more of the good part?
u are being so childish and lemme guess include jealous?

It's the oneYOU DO and YOU THINK YOU'RE 21?
Hmph I dont think so dude so not true you dont even know us yet
and thanks a lot for hurthing me,I feel a lot better

I dont care what you say to others
from today till my rest of my life
Im going back to the old me which is
-Dont give a damn what people say bout me
-be cool in everything and take it easy

say no shit lover boy you are way too much
who cares you are a kick hard ass party clubber?
and who cares you have fun like a mad man?
dont blame me if i dont talk to you or sms you anymore
I dont feel trully sorry for all this because of you I have been hurt again

Judge me and call me childish again?
you seriously will never see a goodside of me and I'll swear I make your life miserable

Saturday, 3 July 2010

weekends boredsome

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weekends especially saturday and sunday
saturday are the most boredsome which I dont know why
exams are drawing near maybe it has effect my mood I guess

anyway got so bored and dared not do sms
if not I will get addicted to it again
so ya busy download games for myself to play
and also done searching SNSD song lyrics

Run Devil Run
[JESSICA] Ddok barohae neon joengmal bad boy
Sarangbodan hogishimbbun
[YURI] Geu dongan nan neo ddaeme ggambbak
Sogaseo neomeogangeoya

[YOONA] Neon jaemi eobseo maeneo eobseo
Neon devil devil neon neon

[TAEYEON] Ne haendeupon sumanheun namja
Han geuljaman bakkun yeoja
[TIFFANY] Nae kkoggaji yeokgyeoun perfume
Nugu geonji seolmyeong haebwa

[SOOYOUNG] Neon na mollae nugul mannaneun
Ggeumjjikhan geu beoreut mot gochyeotni
[HYOYEON] Ddwieo bwado sonbadak aningeol

You better run run run run run
[SUNNY] Deoneun mot bwa geodeocha jullae
You better run run run run run
[SEOHYUN] Nal butjabado gwanshim ggeodullae hey
[TAEYEON] De meotjin naega dweneun nal
Gapajugesseo itjima
You better run run run run run
[HYOYEON] Ddak geollyeoseo yagollyeoseo
Run devil devil run run

[SEOHYUN] Nae gyeoteseo salmyeoshi heulgit
Dareun yeojal ggok heultobwa
[TIFFANY] Na obseul ddaen neon super playboy
Gogae ddeuro daedapaebwa

[YURI] Neon jami eobseo maenao eobseo
Neon devil devil neon neon

You better run run run run run
[YOONA] Deoneun mot bwa geodeocha jullae
You better run run run run run
[SUNNY] Nal butjabado gwanshim ggeodullae hey
[JESSICA] De meotjin naega dweneun nal
Gapajugesseo itjima
You better run run run run run
[TIFFANY] Ddak geollyeoseo yagollyeoseo
Run devil devil run run
[TAEYEON] Neon jami eobseo maenao eobseo
Run devil devil run run

[SUNNY] Yae na gateunae eodido eobseo
[HYOYEON] Janmeori geulyeoseo shilmang haesseo
[SUNNY] Nan gyenedeul boda deo daedan hae
[HYOYEON] Neo geureohke keoseo mwo dwellae
[TAEYEON] Ggabulji mallaettji
[SOOYOUNG] Neol saranghae jul ddae jal haretji

You better run run run run run
[YURI] Deoneun mot bwa geodeocha jullae
You better run run run run run (Taeyeon: Run run run)
[SOOYOUNG] Nal butjabado gwanshim ggeodullae hey
[SEOHYUN] De meotjin naega dweneun nal
Gapajugesseo itjima
You better run run run run run (Taeyeon: You better, run run run! )
[JESSICA] E neolbeun sesang baneun namja
Neo hana bbajyeobwattja
[TAEYEON] Ggok naman bwajul meotjin namja
Nan gidarillae honja

well thats all for now =)

Monday, 28 June 2010

finals and piled with assignments

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you know what I mean
its 29thJune and tomorrow I'll be having Theater History finals
I haven't even start revising or touch the book yet,I just felt like
maybe my finals for one paper or maybe all its gonna "FLUNK"

been a "SLACKER" and been "RESTLESS"
I really feel so tired for making the wrong choices,especially my future
why am I doing this again? its so life torturing and I swear..its nightmare
thinking that this year might be a good fresh out year for me
and who know and god know what has already happen?

So what if we have met at each other back at fb?
does it really makes sense that "oh hey I've found you!"
thanks a lot for really ignoring me or so what shit ever
being upset,heartbroken and a lil pinch of happyness whenever I see your profile

do u wanna know why I have all this confused "mix feelings"
it reminds me how we know each other when we were young
we were only 9years old and yet the friendship grows
primary school day you used to be "quiet" and "shy" in front of my friends
and when we are alone chatting we are "loud","hyper" and everything
but we lost communication since when we were in some shit government school

and there you have found me at Sri Kdu
then all your hard effort and kindness....
every recess you come to my class and wait for me
after school you will wait for my driver till it comes
every smses you smsed me every single time even though we had class

I'm so sorry for hurting you and rejected you
for when I have found out the truth from you
its not that that I don't like you or anything
just a feeling that I'm not ready.....hoped you'll forgive me
and I know its been long we haven't met or anything
just hoped ya...bring back the old times

stress stressand nightmares

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dear people and my beloved ones
I wont be bloggin you can see
today its monday and yess was suppose to bring laptop to college
yet in the morning I argue with mom again and forgotten everything
no credits to me because I made mom angry and I lost half of it

-no pocket money
-no transport to LRT Station,had to walk ):
-skipped my lunch and break time
-forgotten my pendrive
-and forgotten my laptop

thanks Im such a failure right now
Im good at making people angry for the sake of attention
especially my mom....I do feel upset at times
exams are near, and Im so lazy to do my assignments
or even do my revison....or anything....
the problem now is......

-will I be happy?
-will I have good results again?
-is my life over?

gosh....Im truly officially upset now
pain is hurting me......cant take this
but Im falling sick again

Sunday, 27 June 2010

on9 shopping are fun

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exams exams exams!!!
assignments kills...kills...kills!!!
I hate these two particular of it and it's always drives me crazy and cuckoo
anyway the weekends stuck at home and doing shitty assignments
sheesh!!! I hate it!! I wanna go shopping ):

well hopefully after my exams lurh I guess
now at the moment...did I mention I just bump into my old friend Diana?
she has the same name as me! awesomeness!! and shes one year elder than me ^^
Yuki sis where I got to know her since studying Hotel and Tourism
ya I really miss her a lot so muchie T____T

on-line shopping!!!
yess currently I think Im addicted to it
I wanna buy more clothes!!! and also colour contacts lens!!!

currently not listening to any songs
just techno and clubbing songs
Im bored and Im dead alive =)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

bringing back the childhoods

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yesterday and today while I was at college
i was not too suprised or shocked to believe that
actually I havent get to add my primary school mates
OMG!!! OH MY GOSH!!! Its been super long already!!!

and now especially today during in college
I spend most of my lunch time eating indo-mee again
oh great Im currently addicted to indo-mee gila-nya
so whenever I feel like makan, automatically straight to Orange
last time Rock Cafe and Pink used to be my all time hang out with my korean gang
but who know since lately or last week or few weeks ago....
addicted to indo-mee gila betulnya -.-


sigh...hoped I can control myself laa
if not then I really gila betulnya...I miss eating the mix rice man
in the afternoon...Jacke Lee was sick...he was having diarrhea and feeling sick
aduhai...kesian him betulnya..hope he get well soon
oh well like I say again...came back from lunch
spending most of the time adding primary school mates
to me its not wasting my time, I felt that its precious to get back our memoryso ya at the moment I can tell everyone is at overseas so......yeah gonna wait for everybody to balik to Malaysia and then gathering :D

so now at the moment again Im torturing myself
and yess I have toture myself by drinking cold 100plus
instead of drinking the warm..yess the cold wan :D
alright anyway listening to Selena Gomez song Naturally
and also Kesha song Blah Blah Blah
last and not but least SNSD OH!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Late Rush assignments are awesome

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Yo Peeps!!! Its 11.50pm already
yess and still up and alived
I seriously dont give a damn bout my health and care
prefer to continue go on as a dead cat or a sick woman

Oh well went to college as usual
and its good to be bacl at PJ and especially at my own house
woke up at 930am and reached Sunway Pyramid at 1030something
damn it! I miss the sunway shuttle bus again! why laa? why?
some more raining somemore...thank goodness its not that heavy
so had to walked all the way to college,oh well its not that farr though

Raymond class....yess replacement class starts a 1030am
me and Sarah are always late for every class -.-
its already a habit and I dont even care about it which is bad
hoped my parents doesnt find out about it,if not im sooooooooooo dead
argh...classes continue to 1.30pm...can die siah laaa

cant skipped afternoon class, Thought and writing
oh my gosh so boring but yet have to attend ):
assignment oh assignments!!! damn fucking hate it!
had so many stress laaa..wish i can have a magic wand
zapp off all the stress away (:

curerntly having all kinds of stress
which is super duper truck loads

stress 1-college assignments kills
stress 2-college finals are next month
stress 3-having a a hard time with mom,PEK CHEK!
stress 4-lost in choosing study local or overseas?
stress 5-want to go UK and study so badly...but how to tell my parents?
stress 6-assignments due to pass up tommorrow,theres 2 X.X
stress 7-sick like a dead cat and refuse to see doctor or eat medicine
stress 8-Im currently officially broke, I wanna shop so badly ):

see that? I got so many stress and tekanan
kesian myself one can understand me ):
anyway..doing a late assignments....
shit and screw the fuck of it....I hate assignments
they kills but who cares? for the sake of it
we students force ourself to do it. thats all for now.

Im gonna stay up late...working on my assignments
facebooking,assignments rushing on last minute
twitter,gaming and chatting!
Oooooooo Lalalalalalala!
I love it and I dun give a damn about it (:

Sunday, 20 June 2010


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Today its father day and yess Im sick already
so ya woke up with a blocked nose and a headache
yesterday went to Sarah friends bbq party
ate a lot of friedstuff and meet lots of new people too

and guess what? I miss my curfew again (:
mom said I had to be home by 12 midnight
but who care's anyway? It's saturday night alright?
I dont need strict rules especially weekends
this aint unfair to me especially on the weekends
its for me to enjoy and chill with my friends
and so as I was saying...I added Kyle brother
guess what? he remembers me (:
have not been seing him for ages...been preety long
hope to see him or meet up with him (:

Father's day.....hmmm
there's nothing much special though
went to The Curve and had lunch with my four bro
but again yes I was feeling very ill and sick ):
dont feel like doing any shopping or getting sweet stuff
gosh this is totally not me...Im like a dead cat ):

so went back at home at 5something
wanna noe why? Mom has been shopping lately....
oh for not in a mood to shop
as I say,Im sick so thats why. I saw lots of SALE at every shop
but too bad...not just in a mood right now

anyway I had a new dream right now (:
and hoped to fullfill it no matter how and so on
I wanna go to UK!!!
UK is the best place to study thought the cost living there is high
not going to Manchester or London, going to Newcastle upon Tyne

Yup its a beautifull place to study and to live on
and dad has no option with it
just my plans cant be ruined by her this time
she has already.....messed my future!!!! so...enough already!!

and a short note to my dad
though he wont read my blog anyway
"Dear Daddy"
"thank you for bringing me up since I was a baby till now"
"I have love you a lot since the day u spoilled me since young"
"You have given me all the happyness like no one else could did"
"You understand me the the most,and always there for me when I needed you"
"A shoulder to cry on and to lean on during the had times I been through"
"I'm sorry that I always disobey you and argue with you"
"I always take you for granted...knowing that you sure will do it for me"
"But sometimes in the end when u slapped me or scolded me"
"I know its for my own good and this is how you educate me"
"For now Im already 21 already......."
"No longer a small kid...a teenager....have successfully become a adult"
"Daddy....thank you again for bringing me up"
"I've given you too much trouble for the past"
"Im sorry and I'll promise be a good girl"
"Again daddy, Happy Father Day"

Well.....thats to dedicate for u daddy
I really love you a lot....hoped you'll read
anyway time to get my assginment done (:

Saturday, 19 June 2010

shocking..suprised...and moody

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I just came back from PJ last night....with my parents
was supposed to enjoy myself full of blast...
but who knew...when Cindy Ong smsed me...
John who is Christine Lai husband...has passed away...

was so speechless and stunned when I recieved this sms
I just got to know him this year since January and now....
he has gone...its just too sudden.....
and now I'm like wondering....will Christine will be alright?
hope she's not very upset and everything....hoped she be alright

so at 2.30pm went to church
to attend John Funeral mass
I can see that Christine Lai is very very upset
and so does Cindy Ong and the rest.....pity Christine very much
marry for long I guess...and have not even have kids of their own
I couldn't help crying and so just come naturally
he's a nice friend and he's like counsellor to me
very good at cheering me up and bringing me for makan
but now he's gone.....and who to look for for jokes and advise?
maybe Christine Lai....I loved her a lot too....

anyway,I'm not in a mood to post what mom had bought for me
I just wanna pray for John that may his soul rest in peace
and Christine Lai...stay strong.....god is with you always....
Cheer up Christine Lai....everybody will be there for you
and a shoulder to cry on.....

Friday, 18 June 2010

firday outings?spoiled and ruined

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its Friday and yes I know!
should be the day I'm heading for my plannings and hang out's
shopping all day long in the afternoons or chilling at star bucks
then at night heading to any where,clubbing the madness fever

but too bad,I'm so stucked up with bloody shit assignments
again yes and I should mention...assignments are burning my ass
and yes,its forcing me to work hard on each and every assignments!!
so does my the books I have borrowed it since last Friday
at least I manage to force myself to read up my fav book
"Cocktails FOR Three" it's an awesome book
cant wait to read finish it (:

currently this week I'm addicted to two songs
Ashley Tisdale song " Not like that"
and Super Junior song "Bonamana"
I really fell in love with it, and I been listening to it over and over
and oh ya I been also addicted to Tamagotchi
thanks to him...he really is starting to spoil me
but I think I should control him before he overspoil me

oh dear better hurry off with assignments
and ya I'll drop this two lyrics (:

Not like that-Ashley Tisdale

I feel oh, so glamorous
Lookin' super fabulous
Sometimes I'm insecure
Something I can't ignore
All the flashy cameras
Try my best to handle it
I'm just the girl next door
I can hear the rumors take off...

All the girls in the club got their eyes on me
I can tell by the look that they want to be
Be hot, hot, hot like that
But it's not, not, not like that
All the girls in the club got their eyes on me
They put me down because of jealousy
But I'm not, not I'm not that girl
And it's not, not, no, it's not my world

So many girls be checkin' my style
Checkin' my style, checkin' my style
So many girls be checkin' my style
But I don't even care, no
I move in mysterious ways, ways that got them curious
They're looking at what I'm wearing
Standing on the sidelines staring
Taking every chance I get
To find who I'm going with
I just wish they'd see, what I'm like in real life


So many girls be checkin' my style
Checkin' my style, checkin' my style
So many girls be checkin' my sytle
But I don't even care, no
What's good I'm weak no longer
In life it's making me stronger
What I like I'm a get that
Like a quick cat, no i won't quit that, you heard me
You'll find that I'm just like you
And I do the same things you do
The type of chick that hits spots, in my flip-flops
Listening to Hip-Hop, you feel me


So many girls be checkin' my style
Checkin' my style, checkin' my style
So many girls be checkin' my style
But I don't even care, no

Bonamana-Super Junior

ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddadaddarabba
ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddadaddarabba

neon algga malgga algga malgga neomu yebbeun miina
nal michyeotdago malhaedo nan niga johda miina
nuga jeonhaejwo My baby to my baby naega yeogi itdago malya
gidarinda malya (Baby, you turn it up now)

neon gatabuta gatabuta mal jomhaera miina
ni maeumeul gajyeotdamyeon geunyang naneun salmui Winner
i sesangui ichiran ichiran yonggi itneun jareul ddara
na gateun nom malya

yetmale Say yeol beon jjikeumyeon neomeoganda eusseuk eusseuk eusseuk
geunyeoneun gangjeok ggeuddeokeobda bbijjuk bbijjuk bbijjuk
nan eoddeokhalgga eoddeokhalgga geunyeomani nae gwansimin geol geol geol

Bounce to you Bounce to you nae gaseumeun neol
hyanghae jabhil sudo eobseul mankeum ddwigo itneungeol
Break it down to you down to you nae gaseumi neo
neol gatji mothandamyeon meomchul georanda (nal barabwara)

bolgga malgga bolgga malgga bolgga malgga na gateun namja
bonchemanche bonchemanche bonchemanche dolaseo bwado
bogobwado bogobwado bogobwado na bakke eobda
bonamana bonamana bonamana (Baby you turn it up now)

mwol salgga salgga salgga salgga neoreul wihan seonmul
Oh~ michigetda saenggakman haedo johahal ni moseub
Listen girl! johahae Baby girl! saranghae
namani neoreul wihan namja deuleojwo bwa neoreul hyanghan gobaek

nae mamui say aeman taeuji malgo jebal ggeudeok ggeudeok ggeudeok
i noryeok jeongdomyeon narado guhae giteuk giteuk giteuk
nan eoddeokharago eoddeokharago geunyeomani nae jeonbuin geol geol geol

Bounce to you Bounce to you nae gaseumeun neol
hyanghae jabhil sudo eobseul mankeum ddwigo itneungeol
Break it down to you down to you nae gaseumi neo
neol gatji mothandamyeon meomchul georanda (nal barabwara)

bolgga malgga bolgga malgga bolgga malgga na gateun namja
bonchemanche bonchemanche bonchemanche dolaseo bwado
bogobwado bogobwado bogobwado na bakke eobda
bonamana bonamana bonamana na bakke eobda

nan deudyeo michilgeoya pokbalhae beoril geoya
deo motchamgesseo geunyeomanui milgo danggigi
oh jinjja michilgeoya nuga jom malryeobwabwa
ireohge himdeul georan geol nuga malhaesseoyaji

(It’s) True true nae gamjeongeun gal gosi eobseo
nege matchwo beoringeol neon jal aljani
How to keep loving you? naega jinjja nege jalhalge
idaero nal sseokhyeo dujima

gidarinda miina Hope you’ll step to me, step to me
saranghanda miina Bring it, sign to me, sign to me.
Hahahaha Hahahahaha
geunyeoga imi nal barabol junbiga dwae isseotnabwa

Bounce to you Bounce to you nae gaseumeun neol
hyanghae jabhil sudo eobseul mankeum ddwigo itneungeol
Break it down to you down to you nae gaseumi neo
neol gatji mothandamyeon meomchul georanda (nal barabwara)

bolgga malgga bolgga malgga bolgga malgga na gateun namja
bonchemanche bonchemanche bonchemanche dolaseo bwado
bogobwado bogobwado bogobwado na bakke eobda
bonamana bonamana bonamana na bakke eobda

딴따란딴, 딴따란딴, 딴따란딴, 따다따라빠
딴따란딴, 딴따란딴, 딴따란딴, 따다따라빠

넌 알까말까 알까말까 너무 예쁜 미인아
날 미쳤다고 말해도 난 니가 좋다 미인아
누가 전해줘 My baby, to my baby 내가 여기 있다고 말야
기다린다 말야 (Baby, you turn it up now)

넌, 가타부타, 가타부타 말 좀 해라 미인아
니 마음을 가졌다면 그냥 나는 삶의 Winner.
이 세상의 이치란, 이치란, 용기 있는 자를 따라
나 같은 놈 말야.

옛말에 Say, 열 번 찍으면 넘어간다. 으쓱, 으쓱, 으쓱
그녀는 강적. 끄떡없다. 삐쭉, 삐쭉, 삐쭉
난 어떡할까 어떡할까 그녀만이 내 관심인 걸, 걸, 걸.

Bounce to you, Bounce to you 내 가슴은 널
향해 잡힐 수도 없을 만큼 뛰고 있는걸
Break it Down to you, Down to you 내 가슴이 너
널 갖지 못한다면 멈출 거란다 (날 바라봐라)

볼까말까, 볼까말까, 볼까말까 나 같은 남자
본체만체, 본체만체, 본체만체 돌아서 봐도
보고봐도, 보고봐도, 보고봐도 나 밖에 없다
보나마나, 보나마나, 보나마나 (Baby, you turn it up now)

뭘 살까, 살까, 살까, 살까 너를 위한 선물
오, 미치겠다. 생각만 해도 좋아할 니 모습
Listen girl! 좋아해. Baby girl! 사랑해.
나만이 너를 위한 남자. 들어줘 봐 너를 향한 고백.

내 맘의 say, 애만 태우지 말고 제발 끄덕, 끄덕, 끄덕
이 노력 정도면 나라도 구해 기특, 기특, 기특
난 어떡하라고, 어떡하라고 그녀만이 내 전부인 걸, 걸, 걸

Bounce to you, Bounce to you 내 가슴은 널
향해 잡힐 수도 없을 만큼 뛰고 있는걸
Break it Down to you, Down to you 내 가슴이 너
널 갖지 못한다면 멈출 거란다 (날 바라봐라)

볼까말까, 볼까말까, 볼까말까 나 같은 남자
본체만체, 본체만체, 본체만체 돌아서 봐도
보고봐도, 보고봐도, 보고봐도 나 밖에 없다
보나마나, 보나마나, 보나마나 나 밖에 없다.

난 드뎌 미칠거야. 폭발해 버릴 거야
더 못 참겠어 그녀만의 밀고 당기기
오 진짜 미칠거야. 누가 좀 말려봐 봐
이 렇게 힘들 거란 걸 누가 말했어야지

(It’s) True, true 내 감정은 갈 곳이 없어
네게 맞춰 버린걸 넌 잘 알잖니
How to keep loving you? 내가 진짜 네게 잘할게
이대로 날 썩혀 두지마

기다린다. 미인아! Hope you’ll step to me, step to me.
사랑한다. 미인아! Bring it, sign to me, sign to me.
하하하하 하하하하하
그녀가 이미 날 바라볼 준비가 돼 있었나 봐

Bounce to you, Bounce to you 내 가슴은 널
향해 잡힐 수도 없을 만큼 뛰고 있는걸
Break it Down to you, Down to you 내 가슴이 너
널 갖지 못한다면 멈출 거란다 (날 바라봐라)

볼까말까, 볼까말까, 볼까말까 나 같은 남자
본체만체, 본체만체, 본체만체 돌아서 봐도
보고봐도, 보고봐도, 보고봐도 나 밖에 없다
보나마나, 보나마나, 보나마나 나 밖에 없다

Thursday, 17 June 2010

assignments kills everything

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my blog...can be considered dead shit again?
yes it is dead shit...I'm getting so lazy each on every day
maybe its because ever since mom and dad went for holiday
its freedom hell much? yes I guess...or maybe not...
anywhere I can answer for myself...YES! I've been slacking off!!

last week..I promised myself to borrow as much books
as I can...cause I been bored out in subang...well
staying at my eldest bro house at the moment....till my parents come back
I miss PJ life and my nightlife hangout with my friends and everyone
staying at Subang is completely like a jailed....but at the same time
going to college its fast,but getting a bus to Sunway Pyramid...
oh my gosh! have to wake up so early and wait for the bus

this week...and last day stay in my bro house
parents are finally coming back tomorrow!!! yay!!
but I'm not sure though what time they'll be back
anyway assignments kills!!! and yes it does!
at first I feel like just skipped off those essays!
but who knows those assignments keep coming in

anyway...I noe its football season...
and I care for football because I love football and if I don't
my four brother will call me a weirdo or so whatever
but monday already I watched football until I end up playing Ipad and Iphone
Kam Mun my eldest bro friend came over and watched football
he's got Iphone 3GS too!!! Oh my gosh laaa...stop making me jealous!!
and I even so wanna have a Ipad!!! getting selfish right now

once dad come back! I'm gonna start begging on my Iphone
and also blackberry bold!! not to macbook pro
sobs sobs!!! when will I ever get it?! when? when? when?
forgive me for slacking off like shit cow disease......tonight
ya I'm gonna force myself to read the books that I've borrowed
no time to kill my freedomness and time to sucked up those assignments

oh well,still at college.....very free to facebooking
and doing assignments....and blogging and chating
time to go back subang....and again...sigh.....

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Smell of freedom

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Tuesday ever since my mom sent me to subang
which is my first eldest bro house for a stay...I can smell...

yeah I been waiting for this hell long of it
so that my parents could go for a long vacation
and so I could go crazy of a hell of it....
like going sisha with my friends
make it completely every day
clubbing with my friends...that's pure awesome like hell

so ya...I've been waiting for this moment of it
so NOBODY is allowed to spoiled my fun
or else he/she are gonna get a piece of me

and yess I wanna thank Jackie again
he's been soooooooooooo kind to me
and to be there for me when I needed him to talk to...
so ya thanks Jackie (:

ok bored shit games (:

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

making another choices

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From Sunday till Tuesday...
I am not happy with my life and for the second choices
Don't know why or weather is it really my fault for not making my decisions properly
ever since I told my mom about it...I thought she was totally fine with it
but then when yesterday came....there goes a big argument... ):

why la....every time when I talk to her
its either peaceful chat or else is argument straight
I know this is my second mistake that I have made.....
I mean I'm a very complicated person ok? I'm not happy
Can't really make true decisions what I want in my future life....

Before that...Hotel Management and Tourism
Disliked the course very very much, had to blamed myself
after High School....I cant really full decide what I want...
so my mom had to make for me and I really blamed her for this
and after my course completed, did my six months training
my mind completely went blank till when Christmas comes...
still blank and don't know what I want for my future career

and again mom really pressured me much
when it comes to year 2o10...I thought it'll be peaceful
but she's giving me limited choices that I finally gave up
and worked for two months....again my mind was "Blank"
Told you all... I'm very complicated and very hard at making choices

almost totally forgotten that my nephew
my closest nephew is here studying at KL
forgotten when was my last and earliest time contacted him
so ya I told him to throw out any courses at Sun-way..maybe some suggestion I guess
that's why I came to Sun way to come in registering the course without looking through at it

So that's my Second mistake..for not reading the brochure properly
my four beloved brothers they kept encouraging me to study
something which relates to socializing....but when I found out
I'm not happy with this course, this isn't the course that I want
There's isn't any "Communication" job offers me when I graduate later on

my goodness again I've made the second mistakes.....AGAIN!!
why my life is so TWIST UP AND DOWN?
why can't I make my own decision that I don't need to worry my mom a lot?

Mom not to say I really dislike you in every ways
you are my mom and I should respected you from that since was young
I know my wrongs and I know future making decisions are very hard for me
I really understand that you and Dad are making hard money just to fulfill my dreams
but it's just that I don't know how to express my feeling to show that....

People who reads my blog right now maybe thinking that
my life is useless and I'm a messed up girl still can't make decision's
go ahead and just laugh, I think I really can't decide ):
But again mom... please let me change college


p/s: I'm not happy

why rain at every tuesday?!

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basically every Tuesday is like a bad luck to me
seriously every afternoon when it starts to rain so bloody heavily
oh gosh and I be thinking later the hell I'm gonna come back home?
this is just too tired some laa....have to face this hell weather...
every Tuesday some more

finally I bought mom laptop college with me
except for one thing which I don't like is
First mom laptop is Fujitsu which is from Japan
Second mom laptop is a Lite book and I don't even like it all
for some reasons I just don't like small and cute laptop
its just not my style for me even though I just...well
fall in love with Pink and Purple (:

during lunch break...well spend at library
browsing through picture's of car's
Toyota Lexus and Toyota Calida (:
You name it,its an expensive car I'm talking bout
and I don't mind the pricing because I think I can afford it in no time
well I guess maybe but its another hard thing though
Toyota Lexus I can get it in its convenient
but as for Toyota Calida... its from ya
need to specially order it from Japan
I just fell in love with it its look sportive and I don't care
I so wanna have it...well need to do my assignments

Monday, 31 May 2010

my life=black roses

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so what today its monday? its nothing meaningful to me
I mean seriously damn it siah..early in the morning
got scolding from mom again..gosh...I think my day
would be perfectly sucks like hell especially in college

so woke up at 9.30 am and u call that late?
my class starts at 12pm alrights?
at least I get some full rest before I put my butts on
and walking to the LRT station.....breakfast oh breakfast...
had pancakes for breakfast and cold milo

reach college at 11something
was dead drop shit tired
anyway feel like sleeping but nvm just go for class
again assignments are waiting for me

later after dinner
finally my babe Andrea Matthew is accompanying me
to Kelana Jaya "PJ Old Town" =)
yippee....gonna bring my laptop there
logging of from college computer

Sunday, 30 May 2010

sundays sundays =)

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its sunday and yess back to the weekends
which I always look forward to
but unfortunately when friday started out the early holidays
my 3rd bro girlfriend bought me to the hair saloon
and now I have "BANGS" which makes me look like one "KOREAN STUDENT"

6 people have totally agreed with me getting Bangs
which I find it way weird for me to look on
my 4 dumbos brother and Hui Ee and Jackie
thanks a lot you guys,now I have to get used to this Korean hairstyle D:

got back from Sunday school at130pm
was supposed to join John and Cyndi the rest to go for lunch
blah blah blah but I ended up I don't feel like going after all
reasons to be told, I think I will feel so left out especially if I got Cindy
who cares anyway? I see now a days she's been having a lot of conversation with Alex
if I'm not mistaken anyway so yeah, who cares and do I give a damn bout it?
heck and hell of it,no way =)

mom and dad went to KL maybe to Pavillion or Klcc
I didn't want to go along, and I know it'll be bored some
so stayed at home and working on my assignments
and facebooking at the same time and msn
how pro I am and not focusing at the same time
safe it for the afternoons I enjoyed home alone

and now late blogging and my room its a horror
total freak out mess I guess...hehehehe
shall clean up my room before I go to sleep and oh
have to pack my college bag too, I-pod classic still charging (damn it)
Lastly, Jackie and Serene good luck to you all.
I know you guys are still stressing on your assignments
but please get some rest ):

Natasha my beloved twin sister
don't be too emo or moody ):
hated to see you so upset or so whatever
I miss you so much

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

why is life so fcked up?

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Now a days I been always had a bad majorism argument with my mom
Why cant we have a normal conversation? Why must we yelled at each other?
Its been going on for like everyday and every year of our life's
going to college with a moody mood especially in the morning
then at night also the same thing again!
damn it laaa..... I hate this night mare!!!

anyway 1 more day to go....
then Friday its holiday...just only one day....
how sad right? but never mind.....Im still waiting for Jackie answer
he shall be my friend companion to Gardens Restaurant to do my research
but actually its consumer behavior part of acting I guess?
so ya what if he cant make it all of sudden? than I really will panic first

so ya...I need to do two assignments.....
cause I didn't pass up for the previous one
and oh damn it.....looks like there's work for me
I don't like it and I hate it ):
and lastly and for all I think I'm falling for some one

though I don't know whether is he the right one?
but I have a feeling which I dunno whether should I or should not?
feel like is too rush and yes's its too rush....

so sorry readers and people
I have no mood to blog on....I'm very moody and tired
have to stayed at library after class just to use internet......
as you all know....still have to wait for my Mac Book Pro 15 inch

p/s : trying to stay alive and happy

Sunday, 23 May 2010

plainsome boring weekends

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wake up in the late morning of 11am
and guess what,I missed the 7am mass and 9am mass too
needless to say I skipped sunday school too

dun need to explain why,cause there's no need to
I don't feel like explaining it cause if I tell..the main reason I'll answer is
no transportation how to go out? second Im bloody shit tired and I need sleep
coffee wont help me anymore I guess or I think?

so ya who wakes up so bloody early at 11am
me the silly goose I guess for being such a dumb goose
got nothing much better to do,so went and chat with Natasha
shes my dear,and shes like a big sister to me and I loved her alot
to me shes everything, the one can understand me the most
a shoulder to lean on and a person and more than a bestie to talk too!
so talked and crapped at msn for like two and half hours (:
I decided to call her as my twin sister,I just too loved her a lot (:

so this is my twin sister that I really love (:
Natasha (:

at 1pm lerh....some one more pro
just woke up only his name is call Jackie Lee
i mean...aduh...what to do? guys like to sleep longer maa
he's really really funny...he thought Gardens which was referring near to Midvalleys
then only when I mention to him its was actually the restaurant at The Curve im talking bout
then he noe where it is -.-"
never mind forget bout it then only I also just realize that Im home alonemom went over frens house to makan or play mahjong I dont know
what happen to my four brothers? all go pak toh till no time for me
dun care brothers are like that wan....biasa already =)

again my day was fucked up when someone came homedont need to mention who she is and by the way
really...everyday kena marah from her....wished I can die faster
and about the girl I really hate in my class? asked Jackie for advice
and in the end you know what decision ? I told him....
since I have tried my best but in the end this all the shit I get back from her?
fine let it be then, from today onwards I choosed to ignore you

To YOU, I think I have done enough for you
seriously from the first day I knew you, I wanted to help you
but yet you treat my words invisible and treating as a shit kindu think Im not hurt by what you've done to me?
well the past I was hurt and I was bout to hate you
but what about now? Its COMPLETELY OVER BITCH
from today onwards I CHOOSE TO IGNORE YOU

ah it does feel good to make the right decision
after all Jackie say hating a person doesnt make you feel good anyway
so ya a BIG THANK YOU to you again.
your picture's are awesome especially when you are happy =)

see this picture is the only one I can find at your facebook profile
the one with a cheerful face on it =)
sorry ah Jackie dont kill me for putting this picture at my blog =/

well erm....evening finally went for church
met Nicholas and Daniel I was Alison brother
so ya sat together during mass time and I find it no mood to concentrate
just dont know why...Im just not happy just for today
and later on saw Kevin Wong,oh my gosh!
Long time havent see you la,dude! and your coming to Monash and study
awesome :D have fun ya

back home had some boring dinner
I really admit...dinner at home its plain boring
at least please laa go somewhere else and makan like
maybe 1u or The Curve?
think I shall blog till here...really nothing much to ya
Im sorry todays blog its kinda emo....I promise it'll be more fun =)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The feeling of trust...and hope...

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I missed the first early morning bus at 7something I guess
cant really get up in time this morning....feel like continue to sleep
and just lay off in the bed and sleep like a dead person...
now I shall blog about yesterday issues....

yesterday at6pm it rained so heavily...
got nothing much better to do...face-booking at friends laptop
then ya catch up with a old friend which I forgotten how I knew him
but ya hes my primary school mate..moms student (:
his name is Jackie Lee...surprisingly hes also from sri kdu
we got so many things to talk....till..well.....hes a nice person
some one I can really talk to when Im down and to wash away my troubles

Yesterday at night I cant really sleeped
Im really fucked up by one of this bitch in my class
shes really is giving me a hard ya a bitch in my face
over my dead body...for the first time ever....
shes the most freakiest girl Ive ever met in my life!
not to say that shes bad or whatever so...its just that...argh
its just shes something special that in some sense of way...
can like her and can also get pissed off by her in many diffrent ways
oh well, I just want her to be happy and thats it.
no troubles to stucked fucked up in her brains or whatever

But never mind lurh....failed already nvm...
my life also very very complicated now a days
3years and till now....when can I find happyness?
how am I to stay happy and for one like this?
lucky Jackie gave me alot of advice..or else I still be dead shit

and morning I woke u
though I overslept...I had a smiled on my face
can feel it actually its my natural smile....haven't been this for a long time
oh well...anyway getting my blackberry soon (:

cant wait cant wait....
almost all my friend got blackberry and i phone
whens my turn? D: daddy whens my turn ah?
when I be getting my mac book pro 15inch u have promised?
dun give me empty promises please! I hate it and I don't like it

anyway time to do some assignments.....
will be back blogging real soon (:

Monday, 26 April 2010

over the his dead roses

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my blog....seriously....I been not blogging much again... yes I know and I know for a few thousands of times again and its monday...nothing much special and my heart is still kinda emo I guess....I miss him

yes I actually still miss him even though he stays at college hostel and Ive already met him in the college library like almost 3 to four times already?! and yet still cant and don't even dare to say hi to him my gosh...why is this killing me...I'm not being myself
feel like telling him right off that how much I liked and love him after the first time I have met him and guess whens our first met? right at the library near the underground staircase where I was wearing my blue summer mini dress I really miss you so much till I have to even sacrifice my own tears now enough of all this emo and sadness
its bad for my health

alright at the moment now I'm in love with this cute bear

Meet Rilakkuma the Japanese bear
hes cute,really omg 100% cute and I'm goggling it almost every pic of this cute bear and ya I really found this cute laptop too makes me feel like getting it right away so badly

so cute right this laptop?
unfortunately it only available at Japan and Malaysia cant even get it at all I guess? what if I want it so badly then I have to on-line and order it and if only daddy allows and this plus-hie also relates to that cute little bear

those couples of bear look cute together right?
feel like hugging them right away and order it online now! but too bad I'm blogging it as you can see I'm still at college library stucked up and don't forgot my love for Domo is always the same how I love this bear so much so heres pic of Domo

l this pic totally rocks me out
I'm being crazy one day
crazy over Domo and Rilakkuma the Japanese bear this pic is my favorite among then pic of Domos

alright s that's enough of craziness
I think I cant fully concentrate much on my study anyway its getting late now...praying much and desperately much...again and again please.....

*get my i phone 3GS asap!!
*blackberry asap also!! *mac-book pro!!!
*answer from mr shy guy?

and please I'm begging you mr shy guy don't be shy please because of our age gap or else you are definitely over my dead black skull roses
instead of calling you red roses or pink roses!