Sunday, 23 May 2010

plainsome boring weekends

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wake up in the late morning of 11am
and guess what,I missed the 7am mass and 9am mass too
needless to say I skipped sunday school too

dun need to explain why,cause there's no need to
I don't feel like explaining it cause if I tell..the main reason I'll answer is
no transportation how to go out? second Im bloody shit tired and I need sleep
coffee wont help me anymore I guess or I think?

so ya who wakes up so bloody early at 11am
me the silly goose I guess for being such a dumb goose
got nothing much better to do,so went and chat with Natasha
shes my dear,and shes like a big sister to me and I loved her alot
to me shes everything, the one can understand me the most
a shoulder to lean on and a person and more than a bestie to talk too!
so talked and crapped at msn for like two and half hours (:
I decided to call her as my twin sister,I just too loved her a lot (:

so this is my twin sister that I really love (:
Natasha (:

at 1pm lerh....some one more pro
just woke up only his name is call Jackie Lee
i mean...aduh...what to do? guys like to sleep longer maa
he's really really funny...he thought Gardens which was referring near to Midvalleys
then only when I mention to him its was actually the restaurant at The Curve im talking bout
then he noe where it is -.-"
never mind forget bout it then only I also just realize that Im home alonemom went over frens house to makan or play mahjong I dont know
what happen to my four brothers? all go pak toh till no time for me
dun care brothers are like that wan....biasa already =)

again my day was fucked up when someone came homedont need to mention who she is and by the way
really...everyday kena marah from her....wished I can die faster
and about the girl I really hate in my class? asked Jackie for advice
and in the end you know what decision ? I told him....
since I have tried my best but in the end this all the shit I get back from her?
fine let it be then, from today onwards I choosed to ignore you

To YOU, I think I have done enough for you
seriously from the first day I knew you, I wanted to help you
but yet you treat my words invisible and treating as a shit kindu think Im not hurt by what you've done to me?
well the past I was hurt and I was bout to hate you
but what about now? Its COMPLETELY OVER BITCH
from today onwards I CHOOSE TO IGNORE YOU

ah it does feel good to make the right decision
after all Jackie say hating a person doesnt make you feel good anyway
so ya a BIG THANK YOU to you again.
your picture's are awesome especially when you are happy =)

see this picture is the only one I can find at your facebook profile
the one with a cheerful face on it =)
sorry ah Jackie dont kill me for putting this picture at my blog =/

well erm....evening finally went for church
met Nicholas and Daniel I was Alison brother
so ya sat together during mass time and I find it no mood to concentrate
just dont know why...Im just not happy just for today
and later on saw Kevin Wong,oh my gosh!
Long time havent see you la,dude! and your coming to Monash and study
awesome :D have fun ya

back home had some boring dinner
I really admit...dinner at home its plain boring
at least please laa go somewhere else and makan like
maybe 1u or The Curve?
think I shall blog till here...really nothing much to ya
Im sorry todays blog its kinda emo....I promise it'll be more fun =)

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