Wednesday, 26 May 2010

why is life so fcked up?

Posted by ♥under the rainbow at 03:35
Now a days I been always had a bad majorism argument with my mom
Why cant we have a normal conversation? Why must we yelled at each other?
Its been going on for like everyday and every year of our life's
going to college with a moody mood especially in the morning
then at night also the same thing again!
damn it laaa..... I hate this night mare!!!

anyway 1 more day to go....
then Friday its holiday...just only one day....
how sad right? but never mind.....Im still waiting for Jackie answer
he shall be my friend companion to Gardens Restaurant to do my research
but actually its consumer behavior part of acting I guess?
so ya what if he cant make it all of sudden? than I really will panic first

so ya...I need to do two assignments.....
cause I didn't pass up for the previous one
and oh damn it.....looks like there's work for me
I don't like it and I hate it ):
and lastly and for all I think I'm falling for some one

though I don't know whether is he the right one?
but I have a feeling which I dunno whether should I or should not?
feel like is too rush and yes's its too rush....

so sorry readers and people
I have no mood to blog on....I'm very moody and tired
have to stayed at library after class just to use internet......
as you all know....still have to wait for my Mac Book Pro 15 inch

p/s : trying to stay alive and happy

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