Sunday, 30 May 2010

sundays sundays =)

Posted by ♥under the rainbow at 08:42
its sunday and yess back to the weekends
which I always look forward to
but unfortunately when friday started out the early holidays
my 3rd bro girlfriend bought me to the hair saloon
and now I have "BANGS" which makes me look like one "KOREAN STUDENT"

6 people have totally agreed with me getting Bangs
which I find it way weird for me to look on
my 4 dumbos brother and Hui Ee and Jackie
thanks a lot you guys,now I have to get used to this Korean hairstyle D:

got back from Sunday school at130pm
was supposed to join John and Cyndi the rest to go for lunch
blah blah blah but I ended up I don't feel like going after all
reasons to be told, I think I will feel so left out especially if I got Cindy
who cares anyway? I see now a days she's been having a lot of conversation with Alex
if I'm not mistaken anyway so yeah, who cares and do I give a damn bout it?
heck and hell of it,no way =)

mom and dad went to KL maybe to Pavillion or Klcc
I didn't want to go along, and I know it'll be bored some
so stayed at home and working on my assignments
and facebooking at the same time and msn
how pro I am and not focusing at the same time
safe it for the afternoons I enjoyed home alone

and now late blogging and my room its a horror
total freak out mess I guess...hehehehe
shall clean up my room before I go to sleep and oh
have to pack my college bag too, I-pod classic still charging (damn it)
Lastly, Jackie and Serene good luck to you all.
I know you guys are still stressing on your assignments
but please get some rest ):

Natasha my beloved twin sister
don't be too emo or moody ):
hated to see you so upset or so whatever
I miss you so much

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