Sunday, 20 June 2010


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Today its father day and yess Im sick already
so ya woke up with a blocked nose and a headache
yesterday went to Sarah friends bbq party
ate a lot of friedstuff and meet lots of new people too

and guess what? I miss my curfew again (:
mom said I had to be home by 12 midnight
but who care's anyway? It's saturday night alright?
I dont need strict rules especially weekends
this aint unfair to me especially on the weekends
its for me to enjoy and chill with my friends
and so as I was saying...I added Kyle brother
guess what? he remembers me (:
have not been seing him for ages...been preety long
hope to see him or meet up with him (:

Father's day.....hmmm
there's nothing much special though
went to The Curve and had lunch with my four bro
but again yes I was feeling very ill and sick ):
dont feel like doing any shopping or getting sweet stuff
gosh this is totally not me...Im like a dead cat ):

so went back at home at 5something
wanna noe why? Mom has been shopping lately....
oh for not in a mood to shop
as I say,Im sick so thats why. I saw lots of SALE at every shop
but too bad...not just in a mood right now

anyway I had a new dream right now (:
and hoped to fullfill it no matter how and so on
I wanna go to UK!!!
UK is the best place to study thought the cost living there is high
not going to Manchester or London, going to Newcastle upon Tyne

Yup its a beautifull place to study and to live on
and dad has no option with it
just my plans cant be ruined by her this time
she has already.....messed my future!!!! so...enough already!!

and a short note to my dad
though he wont read my blog anyway
"Dear Daddy"
"thank you for bringing me up since I was a baby till now"
"I have love you a lot since the day u spoilled me since young"
"You have given me all the happyness like no one else could did"
"You understand me the the most,and always there for me when I needed you"
"A shoulder to cry on and to lean on during the had times I been through"
"I'm sorry that I always disobey you and argue with you"
"I always take you for granted...knowing that you sure will do it for me"
"But sometimes in the end when u slapped me or scolded me"
"I know its for my own good and this is how you educate me"
"For now Im already 21 already......."
"No longer a small kid...a teenager....have successfully become a adult"
"Daddy....thank you again for bringing me up"
"I've given you too much trouble for the past"
"Im sorry and I'll promise be a good girl"
"Again daddy, Happy Father Day"

Well.....thats to dedicate for u daddy
I really love you a lot....hoped you'll read
anyway time to get my assginment done (:

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