Monday, 21 June 2010

Late Rush assignments are awesome

Posted by ♥under the rainbow at 08:44
Yo Peeps!!! Its 11.50pm already
yess and still up and alived
I seriously dont give a damn bout my health and care
prefer to continue go on as a dead cat or a sick woman

Oh well went to college as usual
and its good to be bacl at PJ and especially at my own house
woke up at 930am and reached Sunway Pyramid at 1030something
damn it! I miss the sunway shuttle bus again! why laa? why?
some more raining somemore...thank goodness its not that heavy
so had to walked all the way to college,oh well its not that farr though

Raymond class....yess replacement class starts a 1030am
me and Sarah are always late for every class -.-
its already a habit and I dont even care about it which is bad
hoped my parents doesnt find out about it,if not im sooooooooooo dead
argh...classes continue to 1.30pm...can die siah laaa

cant skipped afternoon class, Thought and writing
oh my gosh so boring but yet have to attend ):
assignment oh assignments!!! damn fucking hate it!
had so many stress laaa..wish i can have a magic wand
zapp off all the stress away (:

curerntly having all kinds of stress
which is super duper truck loads

stress 1-college assignments kills
stress 2-college finals are next month
stress 3-having a a hard time with mom,PEK CHEK!
stress 4-lost in choosing study local or overseas?
stress 5-want to go UK and study so badly...but how to tell my parents?
stress 6-assignments due to pass up tommorrow,theres 2 X.X
stress 7-sick like a dead cat and refuse to see doctor or eat medicine
stress 8-Im currently officially broke, I wanna shop so badly ):

see that? I got so many stress and tekanan
kesian myself one can understand me ):
anyway..doing a late assignments....
shit and screw the fuck of it....I hate assignments
they kills but who cares? for the sake of it
we students force ourself to do it. thats all for now.

Im gonna stay up late...working on my assignments
facebooking,assignments rushing on last minute
twitter,gaming and chatting!
Oooooooo Lalalalalalala!
I love it and I dun give a damn about it (:

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