Saturday, 19 June 2010

shocking..suprised...and moody

Posted by ♥under the rainbow at 02:37
I just came back from PJ last night....with my parents
was supposed to enjoy myself full of blast...
but who knew...when Cindy Ong smsed me...
John who is Christine Lai husband...has passed away...

was so speechless and stunned when I recieved this sms
I just got to know him this year since January and now....
he has gone...its just too sudden.....
and now I'm like wondering....will Christine will be alright?
hope she's not very upset and everything....hoped she be alright

so at 2.30pm went to church
to attend John Funeral mass
I can see that Christine Lai is very very upset
and so does Cindy Ong and the rest.....pity Christine very much
marry for long I guess...and have not even have kids of their own
I couldn't help crying and so just come naturally
he's a nice friend and he's like counsellor to me
very good at cheering me up and bringing me for makan
but now he's gone.....and who to look for for jokes and advise?
maybe Christine Lai....I loved her a lot too....

anyway,I'm not in a mood to post what mom had bought for me
I just wanna pray for John that may his soul rest in peace
and Christine Lai...stay strong.....god is with you always....
Cheer up Christine Lai....everybody will be there for you
and a shoulder to cry on.....

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