Monday, 28 June 2010

stress stressand nightmares

Posted by ♥under the rainbow at 08:18
dear people and my beloved ones
I wont be bloggin you can see
today its monday and yess was suppose to bring laptop to college
yet in the morning I argue with mom again and forgotten everything
no credits to me because I made mom angry and I lost half of it

-no pocket money
-no transport to LRT Station,had to walk ):
-skipped my lunch and break time
-forgotten my pendrive
-and forgotten my laptop

thanks Im such a failure right now
Im good at making people angry for the sake of attention
especially my mom....I do feel upset at times
exams are near, and Im so lazy to do my assignments
or even do my revison....or anything....
the problem now is......

-will I be happy?
-will I have good results again?
-is my life over?

gosh....Im truly officially upset now
pain is hurting me......cant take this
but Im falling sick again

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