Sunday, 27 June 2010

on9 shopping are fun

Posted by ♥under the rainbow at 07:28
exams exams exams!!!
assignments kills...kills...kills!!!
I hate these two particular of it and it's always drives me crazy and cuckoo
anyway the weekends stuck at home and doing shitty assignments
sheesh!!! I hate it!! I wanna go shopping ):

well hopefully after my exams lurh I guess
now at the moment...did I mention I just bump into my old friend Diana?
she has the same name as me! awesomeness!! and shes one year elder than me ^^
Yuki sis where I got to know her since studying Hotel and Tourism
ya I really miss her a lot so muchie T____T

on-line shopping!!!
yess currently I think Im addicted to it
I wanna buy more clothes!!! and also colour contacts lens!!!

currently not listening to any songs
just techno and clubbing songs
Im bored and Im dead alive =)

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