Friday, 24 September 2010

I got what I want and I want more (:

Posted by ♥under the rainbow at 19:10
Finally on 22September
I have officially bought my blackberry curve
and its in white in colour (:

It cost me like RM1066.00
and I havent buy a memory card and some few rubber cover coloured
but nvm sooner and later I will pampered my blackberry like a precious baby (:

After September will be changing to postpaid soon
thought that after buying the blackberry than I can straight use the bbm
and who knows I need a line -_____-

Next week he'll be starting work again
which makes my heart feel lame and sored out
but I dont care right now much bout him cause Im falling for another dude
right now just need to wait for him to finish his SPM trials patiently (:

And as for another hell of bets with my friends
I keep betting with them and crossed m finger
he WONT SMS or even asked me out after his Trials
but most of my girlfriends keep saying for sure he will
oh well let my BETS begin (: winner and lossing
Im not afraid at all (:

Iphone 4 is out! Oh meee gosh
dying hard to get it! but not from maxis please
it'll be from Digi since its already launch at Digi already yesterday
Blackberry for me its not enough,Iphone4
both doess sounds fullfilling to me :D

Thats all for now
time to wait for my mr guy to finish exams
toodles (:

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