Friday, 10 September 2010

learn to be happy not be sad, lesson learned

Posted by ♥under the rainbow at 01:44
now I have learned my mistakes and know I've just realized
being UNHAPPY and CRYING doesnt make he/she feel good
believed me crying will only make you feel the pain most of the time
and so those being unhappy most of the time

Get straight to it,whats the point for being unhappy?
or being jealous of what you dont have or so?
well now I realized being jealous of my 5 other friends is completley waste of time
why say so? I do envy them for being preety and all those
I always wished Im one part of them being crazy,preety,fun and everything
but now I found my own key of happyness thanks to a guest whom I met

You see people on monday i was really about to blow up
but I manage to serve everybody with a smile (:
with no troubles at all,I wonder if i blowed up in front of my staff
I would probably scare away all my guest and make a fool of myself

a big thanks to Mr Fawwaz
well hes my junior 3years younger me and I never expect he'll make a gud listener
well hes been manage to cheer me up for 2days,Im emo well because of work
and now I feel a lot better and I know for one thing Jealousy is bad for health

and I would like to make a word out there
I may be a unique and diffrent type of eurasian girl you people have met
but mind your bloody mouths and bad mouth rumoring
Im not perfect in anyway and I dont give a damn of what you think and what you say
If you guys are here at earth just to bring me down or give me a bitchy face?
sorry people,I dont give a damn bout it anymore

This is me and this how Im gonna survife and live on
I dont care how much bad mouth and bad rumor bout me
I assumed you are just wasting your breath of time
To Live,Laugh and cherish all my lucky moments,Im not regretfull for this
I've made the right choice to be happy again and say no shit

You make me feel like I wanna hate you
thats just me,cus once you start bad mouthing you are goin down
so Im just gonna start with a smile to laugh a
way of it (:

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