Tuesday, 1 June 2010

why rain at every tuesday?!

Posted by ♥under the rainbow at 04:58
basically every Tuesday is like a bad luck to me
seriously every afternoon when it starts to rain so bloody heavily
oh gosh and I be thinking later on...how the hell I'm gonna come back home?
this is just too tired some laa....have to face this hell weather...
every Tuesday some more

finally I bought mom laptop college with me
except for one thing which I don't like is
First mom laptop is Fujitsu which is from Japan
Second mom laptop is a Lite book and I don't even like it all
for some reasons I just don't like small and cute laptop
its just not my style for me even though I just...well
fall in love with Pink and Purple (:

during lunch break...well spend at library
browsing through picture's of car's
Toyota Lexus and Toyota Calida (:
You name it,its an expensive car I'm talking bout
and I don't mind the pricing because I think I can afford it in no time
well I guess maybe but its another hard thing though
Toyota Lexus I can get it in Malaysia....so its convenient
but as for Toyota Calida... its from Japan...so ya
need to specially order it from Japan
I just fell in love with it its look sportive and I don't care
I so wanna have it...well need to do my assignments

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