Wednesday, 18 August 2010

let the games begin

Posted by ♥under the rainbow at 19:40
Kept my promise to myself and cross my finger
that everything is going to be alright when thursday come
and yeap finally Thursday is here and its just the beginning

Crossed my finger very very tight right now
as I say and I repeat it over and over again
knocking on my door for you lover bo
wont stop continue to love you and missing you
but I wouldnt shed any tears or stay upset

Stay strong and be positive
Be a wild and a sexy one ladylike like how I used to be
Sociable will always be in my blood personality,wanna get jealous?
feel free lover boy,because I aint care (:

Being Random at all times?
Its fun to be random if you used your brain to think some clever games
not some stupidity games or activity just to have be crazy
its insane and childish much

Respect for other people its always a must
If you create the mess you should be responsible for it
Not me being too innocent for it

Anyway Im tired of scolding you
I still care and have feelings for you
hoped you will realize by yourself and please think before you do
and before you hurt people.

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